Busy, Busy

There’s been lots going on in my *studio* this past week. Here are some crayon rolls I made for some special little ones for Christmas. These are so much fun, not to mention fast and inexpensive to make. (I stopped using the word cheap to describe my handmade things 🙂 A third of a yard makes two rolls. You can find the tutorial here.

I have made several other things this past week, but can’t share now because many of them are Christmas gifts and I don’t want to ruin any surprises! I can share this scrapbook page I made last night, though. I was going through some old pictures with Natalie yesterday and couldn’t believe I hadn’t scrapped this one! It is my favorite picture from last Christmas and I can’t believe how much she has grown this past year. This year has absolutely flown by, it’s amazing. Look how tiny her piggy tails were. Aww.

On a side note, if you find yourself in a political mood, go read this post by the Rebellious Pastor’s Wife. Right on!

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