How Time Flies!

Here is another page I made for Natalie’s book this week. This is a picture I took on the airplane to my sister’s house last summer. As I was putting it in her book, I started looking back and got so nostalgic! I can’t believe how little she was just a few short years ago. She was Layla’s age in the pink page and I was barely pregnant with Layla in the last one. I can’t believe she’ll be three soon. Even more, I can’t believe I’ll be the mother of three-year-old! I still feel like such a kid sometimes.

My friend Jenn posted a really yummy cookie recipe on her blog here. It looks sooo good and I think I may try it today. Then again, my kitchen is so clean right now, I might enjoy that for the one hour that it might last 🙂

One thought on “How Time Flies!

  1. Good job, Pookie! I appreciate that you appreciate the here & now with your little ones, knowing how quickly time goes.I tried the Cake Box Cookies in Hot Providence with excellent results! They’re quick, easy and yummy.loveMom


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