Shop Talk

I’ve been saying for awhile now that I have big shop news to share and now it’s finally here! I am no longer going to be selling my handmade things on Etsy (it’s way too vast and I was not having much success, since it’s pretty hard to get noticed among so many sellers.) Instead, you’ll notice in my sidebar, I have a link to I was invited by the lovely Julie Kendall to collaborate with her in opening a web shop to sell the things we make. So, PLEASE go check it out, you won’t be disappointed. So far we are the only two vendors, but I’m sure we’ll be growing soon. You will find these new ribbon-tag blankies (every baby’s favorite, take my word for it) along with several other new things I have made for the grand opening. Happy browsing!

2 thoughts on “Shop Talk

  1. Love the picture with all the great colors. Good luck on your web shop venture. Sounds exciting! Love your new glasses. Congrats to your friends and their new arrival. I posted the next inspiration challenge. Hopefully you can join us again! Have a great week!


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