Quirky Boxes Update

Here’s my quilt top so far! I’m planning on adding a scrappy border, but I couldn’t wait to share what I have so far. While I was making the blocks, I came across this blog for the first time and couldn’t seem to leave! I saw this quilt there and was able to draw some inspiration for the sashing from it. LOVE how it’s turning out. Just quirky enough for me. I’m considering trying the “big stitch” method of hand quilting. This is only my second quilt and I quilted the first one by machine, but I like the big stitch look and I think it might look really cool on this quilt. I’m wondering though, any of you hand-quilters out there, do you use a hoop? And, do you have to baste by hand to hand-quilt or can you use the pins? ‘Cause hand-basting does not sound like fun to me. PLEASE comment, I would love some advice, even if someone would like to try and talk me out of it. I am, after all, a busy young mother, so seriously, do I have the time for hand-quilting???? 😉

4 thoughts on “Quirky Boxes Update

  1. Oh I LOVE IT! YOU GO GIRL!!!! I know that blog. Her name is Jacquie, and she is so sweet. She kindly leaves notes on my blog, and gives me confidence that I can really learn this quilting thing. I’ve been practicing my free motion on scraps. I’m determined to “meander” better. It looks so easy til you try it! LOL! I don’t know how to hand quilt, but I LOVE the look of that big stitch you shared. Keep sewing. Can’t WAIT to see the finished product!


  2. I’m so glad you made this! You’re doing a fabulous job. I hand quilt a lot. I pin baste everything now. You have to be a bit careful where you place the hoop because of the pins, but it works for me. Depends on the size of the quilt whether I use a hoop or not. If you use a hoop, keep you fabric nice and loose, not taut. I love the bit stitch handquilting. I think it would be stunning on this quilt. Mostly, just have fun with it!!! Let me know how it goes for you.


  3. this is so pretty! I’ve been meaning to make a quilt like this forever with all of my scraps. This is the perfect inspiration!I’m too scared to try out handstitching but that big stitch method sounds more manageable.


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