New to the Shop!

I made this beauty for the shop recently. It should be listed in the next day or two so if you’re interested before then, send me an email so I can make sure you get your hands on it!

I have some more softies to share, but Layla hid one and the other is not quite done so those will have to be for another post.

In the meantime, I finally finished The Hidden Art of Homemaking and just loved it through the very last page. Did you ever read a book that you were sorry to have finished because you will actually miss it? That was this book for me. Here’s a final quote from the book to leave you with:

“…here in this life, a Christian should be an environment which is helpful to the people with whom he lives. This is not just a matter of dress and tidiness but also of character and spiritual life. It is worth considering what sort of an ‘art form’ we are. What sort of an environment do we drag in with us? How do we affect other people in their attitudes toward that which we are supposed to represent?”

Great words to ponder, for sure. Anyway, I’ve moved on the Elizabeth Elliot’s Be Still my Soul and am really enjoying it just as much. There will surely be quotes to come 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend!

3 thoughts on “New to the Shop!

  1. Nikki,Thanks so much for sharing that quote…it’s so good to be reminded. Hope you enjoy Elliot’s book too…it was a tremendous blessing to me.Love you,Jana


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