Quilty Warm Fuzzies

This is the scene in our living room today. Natalie made a big tent out of the quilts and the couch and ottoman. There’s something about seeing all these quilts being played with this way that is just so wonderful to me. Quilts are one of those things that become special to a family without even trying. Last weekend I was at the Kendalls’ house and they brought out a quilt my mom had made for them some 15 or 20 years ago (I don’t really know how long), but it was soooo nastalgic for me to look at. There were fabrics in there that Mom had made me dresses out of in elementary school, as well as fabrics that were used in some of the quilts she made our own family and decorated our house with back then. And all these years later, they still use it and love it. I just love that. My Wonky House quilt has pretty much all the fabrics I used for everything under the sun during my first 6 years of marriage. I get all reminiscent just gazing at it. Anyway, these are just more good reasons to take up quilting 🙂 Quilts really do make memories that last a lifetime.

4 thoughts on “Quilty Warm Fuzzies

  1. This is the sweetest post. Yes-quilts make me feel all warm and cozy too. I have MY baby quilt from 1968 draped over the headboard by my head when I sleep. It always makes me smile so I decided to leave it where I can see it everyday. That bottom photo of your daughter HAS to be put in a frame. It is precious. I posted a picture of the baby quilt I made out of the Bento Box Squares. I just have to bind it. C


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