That’s More Like It

I have lots to share today! First, this is a basket that my Mom had gotten for us on one of their island adventures (authentic!) and we’ve been using it a lot because it’s perfect to fit everything we need for the park, the fountains, a picnic, etc… But, inevitably, it started falling apart 😦 SO, I took it’s measurements and made a colorful fabric replacement! It holds its structure pretty well and I’m super happy with it. I especially love when I get to use one of the old wooden buttons I got in a lot on ebay several years ago. So much character.

Second, for those of you wondering how Farmer’s Market is going, I have mixed answers: First week, not so good. We didn’t sell a thing and I was too discouraged about that to even blog about it. But we did make it onto this little online publication (scroll down just a little, we’re the vendor of the month!) HOWEVER, this past Saturday was SOOOOO much better! It was a whole different crowd out there and we sold quite a few things and made a nice little chunk of money 🙂 So, I’ve been busy making more stuff for this coming Saturday–some pillow case dresses, a crayon tote and some little bags that are not posted here.

And, just for you Dad, here are some oh-so-cute pictures of Layla. I couldn’t help myself, she was so cute yesterday 🙂 Natalie does not like to wear this pillow case dress because, “it’s not very twirly”, but I stuck it on Layla yesterday and she seems to love it! And she had this little curly-cue sticking straight off the top of her head since bath time the night before. She’s getting so big! Gotta go, the girls are running around with my knitting needle collection. Probably not a good idea 🙂

5 thoughts on “That’s More Like It

  1. Love the dresses (the model is adorable too!) and your bag is AWESOME! Love the fun bright colors. So glad you’ve started selling at the market. I hope you sell lots and lots more! Congrats on the mag. mention too!C


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