200!!! Wow!

Hey, this is my 200th blog post! I’ve been at it about a year and a half, I guess, maybe longer, but I never dreamed people would be so interested in my every-day-doings. Anyway, thanks for reading 🙂 I just had to post these pictures of my little ones. Casey took Natalie to a sidewalk chalk party at the library last weekend. She had a blast and he checked her out some books afterward, one of them called, You Can Do Anything, Daddy!

4 thoughts on “200!!! Wow!

  1. Lovely family and your babies!! Congrads!! I hope I make it that long. I haven’t been at it too long. Sometimes I think my life is boring and I can’t possible have ANYTHING anyone would want to look at. I’m amazed!!


  2. You babies are so ca-oote! Mine are a little older-11,16 and 20! And, I’m only 37..whew! I miss so much the cute things they did when they were little. I used to make their clothes, lol! You are very smart to log their doings and pics to remember today. I know I have forgotten so many things because I didn’t keep a journal or have a bloggie. BTW, I am making a quilt for my grandson like the one your Mom made but in a different colorway. thankyou for that link! Amie :o)


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