Note Taker

My mom bought this Note Taker pattern for me from Pink Chalk Studio‘s online shop and when Julie gave me this amazing Japanese linen as a sort of “baby gift”, I knew they were meant to go together 🙂 This went together really quickly–one day for me and I have a newborn! The pattern was super easy to use and although I hate sewing with Peltex, this actually didn’t give me any trouble at all. I did find that I didn’t need near as much fabric as the pattern recommends, but that’s actually a good thing. This made me want to make some more for gifts and maybe try the big size too! It’s been a little tough keeping the girls’ little paws off it so maybe I’ll have to make them their own eventually. Maybe with a divided pocket on the left to hold colored pencils? Hmmmm.

4 thoughts on “Note Taker

  1. ooo….i love this sorta stuff….papers…tablets…pencils….colored pens…sticky notes….and something neat to keep them in….this is very appealing to me…very cute!


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