I’ve been inspired lately to make some springy clothes for my kiddos. Yesterday I popped out these twirly skirts for the girls, using this tutorial. I used a cotton sheet that I got at a thrift store last year and the pink fabrics were from a yard sale so these really cost me hardly anything. They are SO cute, the pictures, as usual, don’t really do them justice. They love them and want some more 🙂

This is Layla sitting on the potty. I love this picture, because she’s so darn cute, but I do NOT like potty training. If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, you’ll remember what an ongoing nightmare it was with Natalie, so I am not in a hurry to start with Layla. She wanted to sit the other day, though, so I let her. *sigh* That book she’s reading is called Falling for Rapunzel and it is super cute and funny and has great pictures.
Have you seen these things?? I got these for Kelby at Target yesterday. You can put fresh or frozen fruit in the mesh part and let ’em go to town on it. GREAT for teething…and for keeping him quiet while we’re trying to eat dinner 🙂

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