Get outta town

We got out of here for the weekend and spent some time with Casey’s family in Pueblo. Got some great pics, but this top one is my favorite. Everyone else had finished their cupcakes and were playing games–except our girls, who ate every last crumb before getting up from that table.
This is pretty much what Kelby did the entire party–sat and smiled 🙂

It was a big day…Casey was tired from a leisurely morning of golfing 😉
The next day we went to the Pueblo Zoo. It’s not as big and intimidating to take little kids to as the Denver Zoo, so it was really fun. This is our cousin Jadon, seeing how far he can jump.
Even Gramma joined in on the action!

Here are the girls with their cousin Jillian (the birthday girl.)

I love this picture! You can see Layla’s smiling reflection in the glass!

// thinks this video is hilarious. The kids were totally wiped out after a few big days, but I am so glad we got to spend a few days together as a family. Casey has been SO busy this semester and to have him all to ourselves was a real treat.

I have some great things to blog about this week, so stay tuned!

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