May is a BIG birthday month in our family! In the course of ten days, we had six birthdays plus Mother’s Day! Some of these gifts were admittedly late, but now that all the little recipients have gotten their gifts, I can show and tell them šŸ™‚ First, this is another doll quilt I made for my friend Jen’s little girl, who just turned three. She’s a nurturer by nature and so she really loved it. I still really love this Heather Ross Matroyshka Doll fabric.

Then, my sister’s oldest daughter turned 8. I’ll admit, it was hard getting my brain out of little girl mode, but I came up with this little collection of hair pretties for her. The headbands are the child size of Heather Bailey’s free pattern.
These flowers were super fun to make. I just gathered some fabric strips and formed into flowers, stitched on a covered button and hot glued to a band and a clip. I’ll definitely be making some more of these in the future.
My sister’s little boy turned 5, so I made him this Superman cape. I used this tutorial here, although I did enlarge the S template. I think he likes it. My girls did, at least. They’re still asking where it went šŸ™‚

My sewing machine has been taking a break the last few weeks and probably won’t see much action until after Casey leaves for Officer School in June. This will be a good chance to post about some other things, though, so keep checking back!

One thought on “Gifty

  1. Good job on all! My Mongolian ladies thought the Matrushka doll fabric you used in my bookmarks was amazing. Very few cottons here, certainly none of good quality; and the usual motiff is Hello Kitty-esque


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