I think “hour by hour” would be an acceptable name for this quilt, because not only is it made of 80 double hourglass squares, those squares took HOURS to make. I made them until I could make no more and, thrilled that I had enough for 20 blocks, I sewed those suckers together and made it work 🙂 And I really think it’s beautiful. I can’t wait to bat, back and bind this baby!

As a side note, if you want to read something seriously funny about FreeCycle, click here. Actually, most of her blog is seriously funny, so plan to stay awhile.

One thought on “Progress…

  1. Hi Nikki, I'm mostly a lurker but I wanted to say hi! Baby boy is sooo ca-ute :o) I remember back when you had him, can't believe I'm been quilt-y blogging that long. Love your quilt, very scrappy. Thaks for sharing, Amie in Tn.


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