yay! finally :)

I made my sister a quilt for her birthday (which was yesterday.) I’ve had it all done for a month and was SO excited to give it to her. She called yesterday when the box arrived and so I got to be on the phone with her when she opened it. She really loved it and I’m sooo happy about that of course 🙂 I’m also happy that I can finally blog about it! I gave a sneak peek here and another little one here on accident, but I don’t think she noticed 😉

This pattern is called a “Snowball” quilt. I bought the bird fabric first, after Jana and I received the same the same JoAnn quilt flyer in the mail and she told me how much she liked it that fabric. Then I came across this design and thought it would really showcase the birds without having to chop them up. I bought all the other fabrics to coordinate with the birds.

I happened upon this backing fabric on clearance at JoAnn! I had already done a once-over and didn’t see anything that would work, but then came across this fabric stuck someplace weird 🙂 It was perfect, it has all the right colors!

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