Craft Hope for Haiti

I am thrilled to be writing this post! I know most crafty bloggers probably already know about Craft Hope for Haiti, but I want to encourage your involvement even more! Craft Hope has opened up an Etsy shop for crafters who want to give to the relief efforts in Haiti. I read on another blog this morning that since it opened (just before the weekend, I believe) it has already raised over $7000, all of which is goes directly to Doctors without Borders. I just donated these two baby blankets and if YOU would like to donate an item, here is all the information you need. If you cannot donate, visit the Craft Hope for Haiti Etsy store and go shopping!!!! 🙂 Tragedies like this may seem too big for us at times, but this is a way we can feasibly help, so thanks to everyone working hard at Craft Hope. It’s a hage undertaking, but we are thrilled to have a way to contribute.

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