all 70 done!

I’m a day late again for Sew & Tell Fridays (as usual,) but I didn’t finish these until just last night! I’m so happy to have all 70 nine-patches made for my quilt! It’s been awhile, so here is the inspiration quilt, if you want to see. Awesome, right? Mine is going to be huge because I didn’t know the block sizes when I first started so I guessed, and started with 3 inch squares. Later I found out that 2.5 inch squares are what was used, but that’s okay because Casey always wishes we had a huge quilt that covered his 6 feet, 2 inches from head to toe. This may do the trick!

Right after I finished those up, my friend Angela came over for some scrapbooking! Both our husband are gone right now, so it was a good excuse for some girl time. Here’s the Kelby page I made:

And here’s the one I had started last weekend and go to finish up last night:

10 thoughts on “all 70 done!

  1. I'm working on one too! I love the scrappy look. I wish I had that many beautiful scraps.

    I used the Woodland Bloom line for my daughter's quilt.

    Looking forward to seeing your finished project.


  2. Your 9 patches look wonderful! I am hoping to make this quilt too one day.
    I know what you mean about being late, it dawned on me yesterday that I could actually participate this time. I was so excited! I have admired all the other posts in weeks previous. :o)
    Have a nice weekend.
    Sincerely ~ Trish


  3. This quilt is a fave of mine and one day…..

    I love the fabrics you've chosens and the scrap book pages are too fun!

    Glad I came back to check Friday Finishes!


  4. What a lot of fun you are having! (I bet your kitchen is a bright cheery place.) Thanks for opening your doors to Femina readers. I've been enjoying browsing. Blessings to you!


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