all done!

I finished Layla’s quilt! Can ya believe it?? This is definitely the most time-consuming quilt I’ve ever made, but it never felt tedious because there are so many different elements so it wasn’t like I was doing the same thing over and over. I love how it turned out. I love the scrappy look, I love the red polka-dot parts and I love the hand-quilting. Love it. So does Layla, it’s perfect for her new twin bed!

Since I finished Layla’s, I’ve been plugging away on Natalie’s. I think now that all the cutting is done, it will go pretty quickly. Here’s what I’ve done so far:

Since the hand quilting on Layla’s went so well (and so much faster than I thought it would,) I might attempt to hand quilt the entire thing on this one. We’ll see 🙂 We do have a move coming up, after all, so I may not have much TV/hand quilting time in the coming months!

17 thoughts on “all done!

  1. Such a fun pretty quilt for your little girl. I love scrappy quilts like this. Did you have a pattern or design it yourself? Loving the bright cheery fabrics for next quilt. Looking very promising! Good on you for handquilting too. I love to hand quilt as well and find it very calming and rewarding.


  2. That is a lovely quilt! Scrappy quilts are my favorites and I could look at this one all day. Such pretty fabrics, and awesome applique!
    I can see why you are so pleased.


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