C Takes the Cake

If it wasn’t obvious before now, most people voted for the third cake for Kelby’s birthday party, so C it is! It is pretty cool….

(If you have no idea what I’m talking about, see this post 🙂  Thanks for voting! I think this is the one Melissa wanted to make too, so that’s good.

I ordered the same tractors on Amazon.  There is a lot of Caterpillar stuff out there actually! Since my Dad was in town for the last several weeks (my parents live in Mongolia where my dad works for Wagner Asia, the Caterpillar dealership there), he took the little guy to see the tractors.  Kelby loves tractors, he can spot one from a mile away.

My parents took Casey and I out on Friday night to Denver’s Irish Snug, an awesome Irish pub downtown with good food, good beer, a great atmosphere and awesome live Irish music.  If you live near Denver, you really have to go, I smiled the whole time we were there, it was so much fun.  I was voluntold to play the cow bell during one song…it was awesome 🙂
I forgot my camera, but my mom took some pics:

I really loved a song called, “Leaving of Liverpool.”  It was very relatable to military life and a really sweet song.  I tried to find a YouTube video of it, but nothing very good came up, sorry.  So, add this place to my list of why I love Denver.  What’s great about your city?????

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