I been wanting to improve my embroidery skills. After all, it seems like there are such cute things out there these days that use embroidery. Sooooo, I decided to join this Block of the month club designed by Little Miss Shabby. The truth is, after I finished Natalie’s quilt, I sorta missed the half-minded hand work while I lounged around in the evenings. Knitting is fun, but takes more brain cells than needlework and I want to be able keep up with Bones or Psych while I stitch 🙂
Here’s my January block–well, the embroidery part–I haven’t finished the block yet, obviously…

So much fun! I can’t wait to see what February’s block will be!

In other news, we have had our best homeschooling week yet. I actually went to Barnes & Noble on Sunday evening, ordered some tea and wrote out a lesson plan for the week and boy, has it made a difference! I know, imagine that.
On Monday we made nature journals and all three kids loved the new Crayola washable glitter glue I bought for the occasion.

I ran out of coffee beans this morning (don’t worry, I got a cup in first). It would happen today, since my new milk frother arrived yesterday. Isn’t that just the way it goes??

I think I have a sinus infection, but am trying everything possible to get rid of it myself. I got rid of my last one by making a tea out of raw organic honey, hot water and organic, unpasteurized apple cider vinegar. It doesn’t taste great, but it’s a good solution if you want to avoid the, ahem, “other” kind of infection that inevitably comes with antibiotics 🙂

And….here’s to big hair and lived-in dining rooms 🙂

2 thoughts on “Stitchy

  1. I was not a big fan of the Sinus Rinses, but now I am. After the last big infection I had, I bought the squeeze bottle kind. It really keeps them away, especially with all germs in a public school.


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