Mama loves coffee

Last year sometime, I showed you how I make a yummy latte at home. But, did you know you can make your own coffee syrup too??? For a long time, I used to buy the Archer Farms coffee flavoring from Target. It says “sugar free”, but what that really means is that it contains Aspartame, which is even worse than sugar if you ask me and since that bugged me, and because I couldn’t be bothered by ordering syrups on the internet, quite awhile ago I found out how to make my own syrup at home.

Isn’t it pretty?

All you have to do is boil equal parts sugar and water and then flavor it.  I do a cup and a half of each, plus two teaspoons of vanilla (I’ve used both imitation and real vanilla extract and real actually does taste better). I’ve experimented with a few other flavors too, but can’t seem to master peppermint, which I always have a hankering to try when the amazing peppermint mochas come out at Starbucks before Christmas. Peppermint extract is just super strong. I’ll keep practicing 🙂

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