My little scrapbooker

Natalie made this page today for Kelby (I’ve been giving her leftover pictures after I make pages) and I had absolutely nothing to do with this, just FYI. I think she’s super šŸ™‚

I am really enjoying having a six-year-old. She thinks much more rationally than my 2-year-old and asks far fewer questions than my 4-year-old šŸ™‚ Natalie is turning out to be such a wonderful person. She is SO good with younger kids–she directs play without bossing and really caters to their “little-ness”. She is best buddies with both her little brother and her little sister. She is helpful (most of the time) and has come SO far in regards to keeping a happy heart. Her creativity has always stood out and I do everything I can to foster that in all my children.

Seeing her grow and change makes me so happy and excited to be moving on from the baby and toddler phase into the even-more-fun elementary phase and I hope that I find each passing age more fun than the last–even the teenage years!

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