Summer Sewing!

Oh, man, I don’t think I’ve ever been so relieved that summertime is coming! Yesterday we had some truly amazing weather. I actually got a bit of a tan 🙂 Since I’ve been in such a Summer mood, I’ve been doing some Summer sewing.

Here’s a dress I made Natalie out of some fabrics my friend Jenn gave me. I don’t love this pattern–it kinda has that dorky homemade look. But, as my friend Angela reminded me, that look is kinda in right now 🙂 Plus, Natalie really likes it AND it’s longer that anything you can find in the stores right now!

As for me, I’ve sewn lots of things for myself lately, but it’s very hard to take pictures of myself wearing them. I did manage this one, though:

I have a white linen skirt exactly like this that I got at Old Navy after Natalie was born–six years ago. I wore that skirt through my next two pregnancies and beyond. I even took 6 inches out of it when I lost 50 pounds a year and a half ago. When I saw this gorgeous linen on clearance at JoAnn for $4 a yard, I had to make myself another one. I copied the white skirt ruffle for ruffle, pleat for pleat. I love it 🙂

I’ll try to have Casey take some pics of me wearing the other things I’ve made!

Another kind of sewing….

This pot was left here when we moved it. I spray-painted it yellow. Much better 🙂

Kelby’s turn to count! “One…..Free……Two!”

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