When Casey’s out of town…

…something always seems to go hilariously wrong. Here’s my facebook status from about an hour ago:

So. After unrolling (another) entire roll of TP in the bathroom, Kelby locked the door, closed it behind him and went back to bed. I CANNOT GET IT OPEN! I’ve removed the doorknob and still can’t open it. Then, when I came down to look up more info on how to open a locked door, I went back upstairs to discover him locked in MY room! He was helping himself to my lotion and contact solution. ARGH! I know this will be funny someday. Right!?

I tell ya, this kid takes mischievous to a whole new level! And, in case you’re wondering … the bathroom is still locked and without a doorknob. For once, Google did not give me what I needed, ha! Casey will have to deal with that when he gets back tomorrow–the kids will need baths, after all 🙂

In other news, I bought this song on iTunes today, after seeing the video:

Annnnd, THIS is my new favorite Christmas post ever. I’ve noticed an inadvertent eye roll feelings of inadequacy on my part lately when I read other bloggers’ fabulous Christmasy crafts/doings/handmade advents/over-the-top cookie-making. And then, someone is willing to show us reality and remind us to embrace ours! Thank you!

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