Layla’s FIVE!!

That’s right, my sweet Layla Jane turned 5 today!!! At 7:45 this morning, to be exact 🙂  As is my custom, I took some special birthday pictures of her. This one’s my favorite:

I made her a special dress (with matching purse) for her birthday. She really loves it and looks adorable!

This girl is turning into to such a wonderful person. She is already so sensitive to the needs and feelings of others, she’s generous beyond her years (tonight, just before taking the last piece of cheese pizza, her favorite, she stopped and said she wanted to Daddy to have that piece, because it’s his favorite too) and is a budding peacemaker for sure. Most importantly, she is so eager to please God and truly sensitive to things of the Lord. What a gal! I’m so thankful for her.

By the way, the dress and purse pattern is this one and I recommend it, but only with a shirt underneath. It’s a little too gapey to go shirtless, I’m afraid. Great pattern, though, I love the apron!

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