Simplicity 1800

I had bought a nice cotton chambray with a particular pattern in mind for a church dress, but have come to realize that I could use more casual dresses. Last summer, we went to several events that required more than jeans, but not so much “church” dresses. So, I made this one instead:

I used this pattern:

I reviewed it here. This is the first time I’ve made one of these Amazing Fit patterns and to be honest, I found it less than amazing. I don’t usually have fit issues and I almost always sew a straight size 12, so I found the extra fitting features confusing. When it was done, it was huge. I took the back seam in a lot.

Also, I don’t love halters because they’re just too shifty. I criss-crossed the straps and sewed them down in the back and like the resulting dress a lot! Probably won’t make it again, but ya never know. 
The new Vogue patterns are up on their site today. Not impressed at all! There might be a couple I’m interested in, but the rest are just really not me. Not even a little bit. Everything seems overly drapey and baggy and I guess I like things more fitted. The ones that aren’t loose are dresses that are super tight, short and low-cut. What gives, Vogue??
Ah, well, it’s not like I don’t have enough patterns as it is, ha! 

15 thoughts on “Simplicity 1800

  1. Cute! I think the halter is nice, and I love the fabric. I know what you mean about the “Amazing fit” dresses – in my experience they have way too much ease (I did buy this one, but I don't know that I'll make it!)


  2. I recently bought Simplicity Amazing Fit #2404, as a first time dress maker the instructions were super confusing. It has taken me a couple weeks to give up and ask for help from a seamstress that I know from church. Ugh, so much for learning to do sew on my own.


  3. This is really helpful. I normally wear a Simplicity 12 as well and am planning on working this pattern up.Perhaps I should go for a 10 instead huh? If it doesn't fit me my daughter could wear it as shes one size smaller. I like how yours came out. Super cute!


  4. I am sewing the same pattern. I was struggling with the elastic issue and saw your post on Pattern Review. I trimmed the seam (I wish I had read your warning ahead of time). I still managed to fit in a 1/4″ casing. But here is where I'm really confused. The pattern calls for 1/2″ elastic. Am I missing something? How do I fit a 1/2″ piece of elastic in a 1/4″ inch opening? (This is my first elastic project). I looked up how to insert elastic and other sites suggest that its supposed to be the width of elastic + 1/8″ ease. Any insight?


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