what Natalie made

I have shared some of Natalie’s hand sewing projects here before, but months ago, my mom got her started on the sewing machine and there has been no stopping her! Well, there has been stopping her, actually, because she has rather grandiose ideas and if I don’t redirect, she’ll pull out my nice fabrics and start designing a ball gown or something equally extravagant 😉

But, as I was cleaning out my fabric stash (more on cleaning out to come), I came across a small bin of leftover squares from my nine-patch quilt and asked Natalie if she’d like to make a doll quilt. And so we did! She did all the sewing, I only helped some with pressing and rotary cutting the borders.

Ariel finds it quite snuggly, but I have a feeling this quilt will belong to another doll very soon because Natalie’s birthday is this Saturday!! Which partly accounts for the blog silence, because I have been sewing up 18″ doll clothes like mad, cutting out photo booth props and painting washer necklace samples with nail polish. Can’t wait for the party!!

Cheers! 🙂

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