I made shorts!!!

Well, I have really been branching out in my sewing lately! I have seen some pretty cute printed shorts out there. A bit classier of a style than jean shorts. Just check out this J.Crew page to see what I mean. But, not only do I not want to pay J. Crew prices, I wanted shorts just a little longer than I usually find in stores. So, at the last JoAnn’s sale, I bought a couple a couple of Lisette bottom weights on clearance (which was an additional half off). So, each of these shorts cost about $4 to make! I already had the pattern and the zippers (because if ever there’s a bag o’ zippers at a thrift store, I do not pass it by, I buy it 😉

Here’s my first pair:

 And with a different shirt:

 The pattern is Simplicity 1617. I’ve already made the skirt on the same pattern, so I have more than gotten my 99 cents out of this one, ha!

Here’s my second pair:

 I wasn’t sure I had any tops to go with either of these, but once I took a lot, it turned out I had a few for each pair! Actually, though, this last one I am not liking in the pictures. I don’t think it’s the best fit for me, so it might go in the giveaway pile. See?? Everyone should take pictures of themselves in their clothes if they really want to know what they look like. Ha!

 This pattern had no pockets, so I drafted some based on a different skirt pattern I have. On the green pair, I used a cute Heather Bailey cotton for the pocket lining. It’s a cute surprise in there 🙂

 And for the second pair, I added a ruffle, just like the pockets on my favorite yellow corduroy skirt I made last Fall! So cute.

I did not photograph the rear view, but the fit back there is perfect! Also, I tried out the fabric glue stick method for the zipper instead of hand basting in it, which was previously the only way I could get them in right! The glue was awesome, it worked like a champ and did not gunk up my needle.

I’m super proud of both of these because I took extra time in making a muslin (in two different patterns, actually–I was determined!) and the extra time paid off because I feel like I can use this as a base for all kind of shorts and pants! I have one more pair in mind to make, so hopefully I’ll be sharing those soon!

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