Layla turns 7.

My little girl is 7!! It actually feels like she’s been 7 for awhile now, she just seemed like a pretty mature 6-year-old. If that makes sense. But, hooray, now she officially really is 7 🙂

We celebrated in a low-key way, but made sure she felt very special all day long.

We bought her roller blades, which is just what she wanted. She’s been wearing them in the house all day, every day because it’s been so cold outside. I loved her reaction when she opened them.

We invited our friends across the street to go to Sweet Frog with us for some frozen yogurt (Layla’s favorite thing ever!)

 (Silly Natalie)

 Then we had hot dogs for dinner (easiest birthday request ever) and I brought out the surprise treat I had somehow managed to make secretly and keep hidden, thanks to the new Lego Friends present that kept the kids busy.

 Instead of Rice Crispies, I made Fruity Pebble treats. They were so colorful! If I could draw Layla as a dessert, it would totally look something like this. She is sweet and fun and spunky and brilliant and she brightens our world.

And now for a little flashback:

Layla’s first bday:






Happy 7th, Layla Jane!!!!

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