A better hand sanitizer–doTERRA DIY

On Guard! I love saying it like a sword fighter … but really it’s one of my fave essential oils!! Boy do I have stories about this one and I’ve only been using it for about a month.

Today, Natalie woke up pukey, poor baby. I cleaned that up and made her comfortable, rubbed some peppermint on her belly and put her on the couch with a movie … and a big bowl 😉

Then, I immediately grabbed a glass spray bottle and whipped up some sanitizing spray and made everyone use it on their hands! I’ve used it multiple times since. I do not want to get sick.

Here’s the recipe:

5 drops each of Melaleuca, Lemon and OnGuard essential oils in 4 oz. of water. That’s it! It smells good, it kills bacteria and fights off yuckies. Hooray! No chemicals or alcohol or unpronounceable ingredients. Unless you have a hard time saying “Melaleuca” hahaha.

Always use glass bottles for essential oil recipes because the oils will dissolve plastic ones! The oils are meant to get rid of synthetics, after all. You can buy these pretty blue glass ones very inexpensively here and various other places around the web.
OnGuard is a must have in any family’s medicine cabinet! I gargle and swish it every night, I have warded off sore throats and a cold. My mom stayed well in a house full of sickies last week using it! And, added bonus, my teeth and gums haven’t looked this good in years. No joke. I’ll spare you the gross details, but since I started swishing with OnGuard and/or using a drop on my toothbrush with my toothpaste, my teeth and are whiter and my gums healthier. Totally wish I’d taken a before pic. Since it’s antibacterial and safe for ingestion, it’s a double whammy for your immune health and your mouth’s health! 
The best part, I no longer feel that sense of dread when one of us gets sick. I would always think, “oh no, here we go. No one’s safe, we’ll all get it, it’s only a matter of time”. That’s not true anymore with my made-over medicine cabinet 🙂 
These oils are all available from my doTERRA site.  
If you’d like more info on getting started with essential oils or about doTERRA or about the wholesale membership that you save you a lot of money on your oils, email me at penelopey4[at]yahoo[dot]com. I LOVE talking about this stuff! So hit me with your questions!! 

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