Let’s get outta the house

Yesterday I took the kids to the zoo. I recently decided that whenever Hawaii starts to feel more difficult and frustrating than Paradise-like, it’s time to go down to Waikiki or North Shore or any coast, really and spend some time remembering why it’s so amazing here. I know, I know, it’s Hawaii and you feel so bad for me. But, you don’t know! The traffic, you guys! And the crowds! And attitude to beat all. Anyway, we just needed a day out and I needed some sunshine.

Hawaii has the coolest trees!

 Haha, Layla wasn’t loving this.

 His poses. Lol.

His mustaches.

 I spy Natalie:

 I love this picture!! Happy kids.

 We pet the goats. By we, I mean the kids.

 The most ginormous ostrich I have ever seen.

 Rainbow Eucalyptus tree. They’re the coolest.

 It was such a good day and my attitude is so much better after getting out yesterday!

I found this pic on my phone just now when I plugged it in to get all 734 photos off it. Eek! Whoops. I took this at Duke’s Waikiki with two dear friends. It was such a perfect moment. The sun went down over the ocean, a band was playing the ukelele version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow and the weather was perfect. Amazing. I really am a lucky girl to get to live here, it’s incredible!! I just need reminded every now and then 😉

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