Vaccuums don’t like rainbow loom bands …

They tell me the Rainbow Loom craze is on it’s way out, but that is for sure not the case among our kids and their friends. This toy would have thrilled me when I was a kid too, so I have much more understanding of the tiny loom bands that constantly find their way onto the floor than my husband does. They’re a pain to vacuum up, though, the vacuum just doesn’t want to take them, haha! Drives Casey nuts. DSC_0008

Last week, my neighbor managed to get everything that the guy at the swap meet had left of his rainbow loom stash for $20, which was a few ginormous boxes worth. He said it just doesn’t sell that well anymore and space is money! She had a garage full of delighted little girls after that! I don’t think we’ll need any loom bands for quite awhile, if ever. DSC_0011

I asked Natalie what her favorite YouTube channels are for loom band tutorials and she said both TutorialsbyA and MadebyMommy have the best ones. DSC_0010

These funny jellyfish are from TutorialsbyA.


Did you know there is a YouTube kids app? That means that my kids can find only kid-friendly content when using YouTube Kids on my iPad. I find it’s overly conservative too, which I appreciate. I’m planning a post of our favorite YouTube channels for kids! Do you all have any favorites?

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