Etsy love

I’m a huge fan of shopping for my husband on Etsy! Before I discovered all the awesome nerdy dude gifts you can buy on Etsy, Christmas shopping for Casey was much harder. For realz, just type in whatever show, character, comic, video game, movie, libation, classic band, hobby, whatever he’s into and you’ll find plenty of cool stuff. This year, he used Etsy for a few of my gifts too. We only do stocking stuffers for each other on Christmas, so Etsy is the perfect place to find creative ideas. Here are the shops that we ordered from this year.

The Designer’s Nursery.  Last year I bought Casey this Luke Skywalker print and he really loves it, so this year I added the Han Solo one. He has a gaming corner in our living room, a great place for this kind of art.


I also got him this Colorado tank top. He lives in tank tops. He thinks Hawaii is trying to roast him to death, haha.


Today we found this awesome shirt on there! Go Broncos. il_570xn-597263259_hy1h

For me, Casey found this sweet tank top! I love it. The whole shop has really cool shirts. I want this pineapple one next!


This one is kinda funny. Casey wants me to get a tattoo so badly, that he got some temporary ones on Etsy from one of his favorite tattoo artists on Instagram. She does beautiful work! But I remain unconvinced, haha. My taste is just so shifty! I just know I’d get something and then abhor it for being too trendy a year later. Anyone else feel this way about tattoos? They’re not for me. Sorry, Babe!!

I do a book exchange every year with a friend and this year I gifted her L.M. Montgomery’s A Tangled Web. These new editions of all her books are so beautiful, I’m tempted to replace my whole Anne collection, they’re so pretty!   Anyway, I loved this L.M. Mongomery print on Etsy, so I bought it to go with the book. I think I may order another for my sewing room.


That’s what we got this year! But, I am always finding cool stuff on Etsy, so maybe I’ll put together these posts more often! Super fun.

See you in 2016! Cheers 🙂

2 thoughts on “Etsy love

  1. You find such cool things on Etsy. I have no patience to search and search! And I’m with you. Tattoos are so permanent, and my tastes change so often. Temporary ones are fun though!


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