Reading into the New Year

I was a voracious reader as a kid. As moms know, though, it’s hard to find time for reading these days. But, over the last few weeks, as I reflected on how to get the most out of my days, determining to stop frittering away time online and whatnot, it occurred to me that I can replace frittering time with reading time and that will be a much better use of my mind!

So, the other day, while watching the Bronco game, rather than turning to Instagram during those commercial breaks, I put my nose in a book. Seizing moments like those to read have resulted in my finishing two books I’d started months ago just this week.

Here’s what I’m currently reading!

I just finished this wonderful book about William Wilberforce, Amazing Grace: William Wilberforce and the heroic campaign to end slavery. This book was so good, though pretty meaty. It gave me such hope for our times, I am so much richer for having read it. Slavery was once accepted by polite society, as equally horrific things are accepted by ours today. But, if slavery could be abolished because of the faithfulness of godly men and women with strong convictions, hope is not lost for us either! I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I for sure will soon!


Right after finishing that book I immediately started Fierce Convictions. I was intrigued by the Hannah More character in the Wilberforce book and was thrilled to find out there was a book written just about her and that it had been in my Amazon wish list for several months! Very excited to read more.


On a lighter note, I start Pat of Silverbush by L.M. Montgomery and like it so far (of course). I read fiction before bed because I don’t have the brain cells for much else, haha. I still think these editions of L.M. Montgomery’s works are just so pretty! I hope to read this biography of her soon.


Today I grabbed my first edition Nancy Drew, the Secret of the Old Clock off my shelf and started reading it to the girls. Before long, Kelby had stopped what he was doing and was listening too and they asked me to keep going until it was time to make lunch. Ha! I knew it! I know after I read this one, the girls will be inspired to read more on their own. You cannot beat Nancy Drew!

Check out these Nancy Drew bookends on Etsy!! Cool.


Lastly, my church play group is going through Mom Enough. I haven’t been able to go to play group for awhile, but I’ve been keeping up with the book anyway and really love it! It has very small chapters, so it’s great for moms with little ones who truly don’t have much time to read, and it’s so encouraging for moms with kids of all ages. Highly recommend this one and other books by the authors who contributed to this book. Solid Christian ladies!


You can follow me on Goodreads here! I love to interact over there 🙂


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