Kool-aid hair.

My girls had the brilliant idea yesterday to paint some of their Lego Friends hair piece. That actually turned out really cool! They just used regular acrylic paints. DSC_0137

She made this one look like her own hair, which we recently dip dyed with Kool-aid. Super easy and really cool. DSC_0140

It’s no secret we love Legos. But maybe we’re in a little outta control. After they got going, they tried painting other pieces too. A blue ribbon became a gold medal and some pink hair bows became silver hair bows. DSC_0139


As for the Kool-Aid hair, here’s how we did it:

We bought target brand sugar free powdered drink mix. For Natalie’s we used Fruit Punch and Layla’s is Grape. Boil two packets in one cup of water. Do not use vinegar, that will make it not stay, our neighbor learned that the hard way 😉 Once it’s boiling, pour it into a bowl and dip the hair ends in for about 5 minutes. Dab it dry with an old towel and then let it dry completely–it will be sticky, but let it dry totally! Then wash as normal. We did this a good month ago and it’s stayed great. When we decide we are ready for it to go, I’ve read that a vinegar or baking soda rinse can help. Let me know if you decide to try it, I want to see pics!

Here’s how Layla’s turned out.  
After this, our neighbors tried it again without the vinegar and had much better luck. It’s a rainbow of hair colors!  

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